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Forum Rules
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:18:07 PM »
Treat everyone with respect,no one is above each other in any way.

Spam,trolling and acting stupid is not tolerated.

No pornographic/adult/NSFW material, as well as no warez, illegal links or any links that can cause harm to one's machine.

Advertising servers by creating new threads are forbidden and will result in a ban. However, signature advertisements are allowed.

Do not have a offensive profile name. Please refrain from using a offensive name of any sort.

Any religious/political/racial related argument, or having any argument of this sort is discouraged. We do not advocate any arguments about the above as all it brings it distress and pointless arguments.

Make sure you post the threads,replies etc in their designated sections.

Follow the formats required for posting threads in their respective forum. i.e Suggestion format must be followed for posting suggestions likewise review request format must be followed for posting review requests.

If a administrator tells you to do / not do something you should listen to them. Administrators never act without reason and it takes less effort to simply agree than to argue, because chances are the Administrator is simply following basic rules. If you don't agree with a moderator. Similarly, if you disagree with the administrator or other users kindly discuss politely over PM. However,for any critical matter of importance,you can private message the management.
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