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DRD Cops And Robbers 0.3.7
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:49:45 PM »
I played in the server along with Konstantinos and Vassilis on 16th December 2017. I had the name "MeatLord",Vassilis had the name of "Josh_Highman" and Konstantinos had "Nizzan_350z"

We all planned and expected a good cops and robbers gamemode considering  they have been around for a very long time.. around 2010 I believe. However our review in the perspective of a random player was pretty average,some features were common with elements of RP as well however there were some robberies that we felt unique but was rather disappointing such as ship robberies,train robberies etc. Read on to know the detailed version of it

Starting off with their website, it looked premium and was organized but the idea of forced registrations to view server discussions wasn't impressive,none of us liked that we couldn't get to know more about the server if we wanted to. The website has a store for shopping ingame benefits and is very basic but the pay $20 for having a [DRD] tag gave us a good laugh.

   Server's first impressions after registering:

The server intro is good, not shabby and has several common classes. The player selection for class is basic for job selection but there are missions for trucking,fishing etc. The textdraws feel unwanted and are not aligned properly,such as the FPS. The font of the textdraws don't match others,but it doesn't affect gameplay anyway. All in all the textdraw design was rather too simple.

   Unique features:

The ship,casino and train were good to see on the /commands for robberies, it seemed interesting to try out,but wasn't even worth it considering how out of place it is.
There were moneybags inside a cage on a ship and it seemed very weird. Even if we were about to see if Alcatraz worth to be noted as a unique,they could have made it so much more better. But nothing else really.

   General gameplay:

 The server doesn't inform players how to get a valid pass on things,so any new player is unable to do stuff except robberies and drugs and so on. We haven't played as cops however. It's not noob friendly at all and we had to ask a lot to get to know what else to do in the server. Listing only the commands is not enough.There should be /help command for analyzing most of the things a player can do and to avoid asking over and over again.

Personally i would prefer seeing the /admins,rather than having restrictions. I couldn't balance out asking what to do and what can be done in the server, i.e it was too jammed and confusing. I didn't want try out anything but experience  basic CNR gameplay. Does the gamemode match the gamemode description of "Cops and Robbers"? Yes! in the perspective of CNR it ticked all the boxes. It has what a CNR fundamentally should have and doesn't deviate from what a CNR should be.

   We sum it up to rate the server out of 10 for different elements:

GUI : 5/10
Support: 6/10
Robberies : 5/10
Command Variety: 8/10
VIP: 8/10
Uniqueness: 3/10

To end our review,
It has nothing unique to attract players. Textdraw aligments were awful. It has indeed variety of commands but yet not a good help system. Support was mediocre. It had typos and several bugs. Community seemed friendly and was quite fun to game in!
When we played,there was a free VIP for all and the VIP feature /vipguns or /gunpacks start from 100+ score so we couldn't take benefit to check them out. Generally nothing more than a typical cnr server with under 10 players base during the average day.

Total score that we give for the server: 6/10 implying the server is average to play in but could do much better.

Do we recommend the server? Er.. not really. But if you are looking to have some fun with your friends on a cops and robbers server,you wouldn't be that disappointed!

Few screenshots we took at random times:

I couldn't even type anything on all chat due to the truck's vehicle control panel spam..

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